What is Learning Empowerment and Autonomy in Fitness? (LEAF)


By Erik Boyd

As a coach, I’m not here to sell you on a prebuilt fitness strategy that’s “the only way to work out effectively” — I’m here to help you reach your goals. Over the years, I’ve found that the most effective training is performed by people who are self-motivated and driven to succeed, so I and the other coaches at Interactive Fitness Systems (IAFS) created a
strategy to help you get to that stage.

Detailed and boundary-breaking in the fitness world, Learning Empowerment and Autonomy in Fitness (LEAF for short) is the guiding principle of our training methodology and the heartbeat of the IAFS system. LEAF’s goal is to move athletes beyond the heavily coach-guided stage that focuses on habit formation and motivation building, with the end goal of reaching personal autonomy in your fitness journey.

How does it work?

Everyone starts at the same place: 1-on-1 coaching. During that process, we’ll give you the right information so you can assess our training options and find what will be the most effective next step for your goals.

trainer Erik Boyd helps a client exercise with dumbbells
1-on-1 training is the first part of the LEAF program.

We don’t believe the role of a coach is that of a permanent guardian who tells even the most experienced athletes what’s best for them or how to go about their fitness endeavors. Instead, we look to educate and encourage you from the onset. With information about how to better interpret signs from your body, you can address issues more effectively. After all, you’re the one who lives in your body, not us. You’re the expert on how you feel so we’ll follow your lead.

Of course this doesn’t mean you won’t receive the same motivation, exercise programming, nutrition advice, form correction, community atmosphere, etc. that you could expect at any fitness facility. We just add a personalized approach to all of that.

The system

As mentioned earlier, you’ll start at 1-on-1 coaching, but after that you can matriculate into any of our many group settings or stick with a personalized approach.

Programs that utilize LEAF focus on:

  • Building strength – we achieve this through heavy doses of barbell work, calisthenic and gymnastic movements, and utilization of other tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, gymnastic rings, climbing ropes, and strongman equipment.
  • Exciting variations on cardio workouts using bodyweight exercises, ergometric bikes, rowing machines, jump ropes, boxes, and other tools.
  • Explosive power and agility training

To keep you moving strong, we also cover mobility and stability work to promote recovery, improve your range of motion, and prevent injuries.

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