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“Two men meet, recognize their dignity, state the additional benefit that would result for both from the concert of their industries, and consequently guarantee equality, which means economy. There is the whole social system: an equation, and then a power of collectivity. Two families, two cities, two provinces, contract on the same footing: there is always only these two things, an equation and power of collectivity. It would involve a contradiction, a violation of Justice, if there were anything else.” -Pierre-Joseph Proudhon The overarching purpose of this movement will be to 1. discuss strategies to achieve deeper approximations of a society based on the above principle and 2. to enact these strategies and work towards the realization of this goal. We will break this goal down into its individual and composite parts and, in doing so, enact a multifaceted and multi level approach to this goal's achievement, and along the way, present several radical shifts in the way we act and see the world around us. In stepwise fashion we will look at the first building block of society -- the individual -- and in so doing we will examine personal development from the perspective of self-fulfillment and interaction; interpersonal development from the perspective of communication and how two or more people can best meet each other's needs within their interactions; organizational development from the perspective of what structures and associative guidelines should be in place to assure the mutual benefit of all in a more formal setting; and social development from the perspective of loosely associated networks of smaller scale, autonomous units interacting on equal contractual footing. We will examine concepts within the health and fitness realm, as well as personal psychology, interpersonal communication, group decision making, resource management in settings outside of the common private/government settings, and autonomous association between organizational entities, and see how deeply interrelated and integral to this social vision is. For a more thorough understanding, check out the evolving Google Drive Project titled "Individual & Society" at the link below:

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